The Philosophy of Innovation

At Mechatron, we do not follow advances in technology. We create them. With a clear orientation towards innovation, we have created research and development centers with specialized scientists using the most technologically advanced equipment.

Mechatron participates in research programs in cooperation with academic institutions, as well as in programs targeted at introducing new technologies.

Research and Development

We pride in Mechatron’s Research & Development Department. Our R&D team follows high standards in conducting research and plays an integral part in our medium- and long-term strategy. It offers the most significant competitive advantage to our business. The following activities fall within the scope of our R&D team:

  • Solar tracking systems production department
  • Electronic products and software department
  • Production lines

Research and Development – The Team

Our R&D Department is operated by professionals specialized in a variety of fields (civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer engineers, physicists etc.). Additionally, we partner with external associates thus creating an effective network of highly qualified experts to ensure continued growth and technological innovation giving Mechatron Solar the lead in the solar energy markets.

R&D infrastructure

  • State of the art hardware
  • Specialized software
  • In house testing areas
  • Showrooms
  • Fully equipped labs